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SOFNT's Core Technology

Our core technologies include absorbent PU Nano-Fiber composite material manufacturing technology, 3D pattern and ergonomic design technology, and manufacturing technologies for functional and comfortable working wears.


Breathable Nano-Fiber Composite Material Manufacturing Technology

SOFNT boasts the world's first absorbent PU Nano-Fiber (Breathable Nanomembrane) manufacturing technology that blocks harmful microparticles while retaining breathability and moisture permeability. We have registered patents in Korea, China, and the United States.


3D Pattern and Ergonomic
Design Technology

At SOFNT, we apply ergonomic pattern design technologies based on 3D human body forms.

In addition, we develop designs optimized for medical clothing by establishing an independent sizing system through PoC verification.


Manufacturing Technology
for Functional Working Wear

Ergonomic pattern design and production technologies optimized for blocking harmful substances are essential in order to maximize the performance of materials.

SOFNT holds various patents for structural design and manufacturing of protective clothing, and is equipped with technology for ergonomic pattern design and techniques optimized for blocking harmful substances.

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